Other Creative Ways to Improve the Environment

I received a bunch of emails after my last post on improving sustainability by using protein powder, and a bunch of other suggestions like it that I would like to share with the rest of you now:

I’m sure we could come up with even more, I’d appreciate it if you would email me any other ideas you have!

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Is Meat Sustainable?

There is almost 9 billion people on this planet, and when you look at people who eat meat they consume roughly 20 pounds a month each!  This would require 216 billion pounds of meat a year, or the slaughter of over 1 billion animals.  This is insane and is not sustainable for the future.  Not only this, but this also wreaks havoc on the environment.  Think of all the energy that is put into these giant slaughter factories and pumping these animals full of food.

The Savior: Protein Powder

What if I told you there was a way that everyone could easily meet their protein needs and we wouldn’t have to slaughter any animals at all? The meat industry sure don’t want you to know this, and they do their best to make sure their products are the only ones being promoted.

An alternative exists in the form of protein powder, which is just concentrated protein that can be derived from soy.  If you are looking to decrease your meat consumption and save the environment like I have started to, go and look up the best protein powder and order some protein.  The next step is to incorporate it into your diet, which can be done with shakes or by looking up food recipes that use protein powder.

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Off Topic For A Second – My Hip Flexor Woes

As some of you may know, I have been struggling with Iliopsoas syndrome for the past while.  Just to inform everyone about what I’m dealing with this post will briefly cover what the injury means for me.

Iliopsoas Syndrome can be a misleading name for a Hip Flexor injury to some people. While it sounds unrelated, it is actually a specific type of Hip Flexor tendonitis that affects the Iliopsoas muscle. This is the most common location for tendonitis to occur because of the size and function of the Iliopsoas in the Hip Flexor. If you’re interested in learning more about injuries click here.

Hip Flexor Injury Anatomy – Iliopsoas

The Iliopsoas is the large muscle that is located just above your pelvic ridge in your hip region and is responsible for supplying most of the force required for hip flexion. Attached to this muscle is a tendon, called the Iliopsoas tendon. It is this tendon in particular that is at risk of inflammation during repetitive activities and causes the syndrome to occur. The inflamed tendon can be very painful as it touches other body parts and will get worse if training continues on it. When you get this specific type of Hip Flexor injury you must make sure to be careful to try and let it heal before you return to training.

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More Investment Information

Although I wasn’t really intending on going into it any more, if you ask you shall receive.  I’ve received a lot of requests asking me to write about other ways that you can save money.  Even though the Roth IRA is an amazing option, many of you probably have a better option, the 401k.

The 401k Account

Most employers offer 401k accounts to their employees, that come complete with higher 401k limits than Roth IRAs offer.  Usually you can contribute 2-3x more than you are allowed to in your Roth IRA, so even though you have to pay taxes when you withdraw the 401k can be better still.

On top of this higher limit many employers will match your contributions up to a certain amount.  This is free money people!

Is that clear? If you want more of an explanation I can write another post on it, just keep letting me know.

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A Quick Update of Info Changes That Will Affect Roth Retirement Accounts

You probably have seen the new Roth IRA Rules, if not check this post before continuing to read the rest of this post: rules for Roth IRA. Perhaps you have thought about if you should contribute towards your Roth IRA or your Standard IRA account? Although an exact solution is incredibly difficult to explain, there are a few easy things you can pay attention to that will help give you a clear outline of the scenario at hand so you can make a great monetary choice.

  • Look at your tax segment before anything else. If you’re earning a large amount this tax year you will be in the high taxes group, and for Roth IRA contribution you will have to pay out a great deal in taxes. Conversely, using the Traditional IRA you’ll not need to pay fees until you are significantly older and would probably be in a lower earnings bracket
  • Second, in the event you contribute to your Roth IRA you have to spend state income taxes at the same time if the state requires it. If you retired someplace that doesn’t have state fees you’d benefit much more through holding a greater amount within your Standard account.

Determining Your IRA Contribution Restrictions

It is extremely common to be overwhelmed from the Roth IRA Contribution Limits for 2012, particularly when you may very well not use a Roth IRA in the first place. Not having an IRA, it is usually quite challenging to recognise the many terms as well as the principles which are often used in the policies. Luckily, it truly is much easier than in the past to start out a Roth IRA savings account currently. To create an account you have 2 options, either do it face-to-face in a good investment financial organization as well as do it on the net. If you opt to do it on the internet it’s going to be less difficult and much more convenient in the future to maintain your own account. When making an ira just head over to virtually any significant finance broker such as Scottrade or even Zecco and register for a savings account. There will be in depth manuals on creating a Roth IRA in particularly. Just be sure you look at different brokerages so you find the cheapest service fees each year, when you devote a bit of time beforehand you can save hundreds of dollars sometime soon.


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Alternative Health Solutions

You may not know it, but I am a huge advocate of therapeutic massage.  The reason being is that there is a lot of waste in traditional medical practices.  While I see the need for everything to be super sterile and for new equipment to be used on every patient this creates an insane amount of waste.  Alternatively if you learned more about therapeutic massage you may be more inclined to use it when appropriate.  **You should consult your physician first before seeking treatment, and only use alternative methods if he/she allows it.



Therapeutic massage can treat most types of common injuries that you get in everyday life or from playing sports.  The best thing about therapeutic massage is that it doesn’t require more than a bit of oil.  In many cases massage can be even more effective than anything a doctor can prescribe for most injuries, especially if combined with a solid rehab program.

While it may not seem like a huge deal, next time you get hurt think about getting therapeutic massage instead of going through traditional treatment.

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Ways to be Environmental

One of the biggest ways to help the environment is to minimize waste and buying products that harm the environment.  Some products like gasoline and oil are well known, but others are less known, like paper dishes and individually wrapped food packages.

What you’ll notice about all of those and other ones you think of, is that products that hurt the environment typically cost less than the alternative.  For example, instead of a gasoline fueled car you could buy a battery powered car, but these cost a lot more for the same performance.
Why am I saying all of this? Good question.  The reason I am pointing out the expense of environmentally friendly products is for you to realize the power that money can have.  Money is the driving force behind everything, from product creation to consumption.  If you really want to influence the Earth on a wide scale you NEED to have money, here is how to get it.

1.  Get a source of income, doesn’t matter what.  As long as you have some capital you can grow it.

2.  Minimize expenses for the time being.  A short term damage to the environment is ok if necessary for long term benefit.

3.  Open up a Roth IRA and learn about Roth IRA Rules .  Maximize your investments to utilize the power of compound interest.

4.  Invest any extra money you have in an eco-friendly business.  Not only can you profit by doing this but you can help the environment as well.  You will start making money in your business, then investing that in local environmental projects.  This investment will then attract attention and more customers which will make your business grow.  When your business grows you make more money, simple as that.  You can probably see where I’m going with this…it’s a continuous cycle that you can keep using until your company becomes large and powerful.

5. At this point you have the money and the power, so now it’s time to make things happen.  Use the money you have to expand past your local community initiatives and contribute to a cause that’s important to you.  Focus all your resources on fixing one problem and you could have a global influence.
So there you have it, just 5 steps and you could help save the world!  Of course this is a simplified version, and only one of many ways that you can help, but it’s just to illustrate the possibilities that one person can achieve if they work smart.  Any big change you help influence will trickle down to thousands of people and help the environment in a huge way.

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Welcome – What we’re here for!

Hi Gang,

The purpose of this site is to educate people not only on oil use and abuse but all environmental issues.  We hope to enlighten readers and inspire them to take action and spread the word.  If you want to help us out we would really appreciate you tweeting, facebooking, and sharing this site and its posts in any way that you can to help us reach the broadest audience.

Edit: I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about how fast the site loads and where we got our hosting for this site so I thought I’d address it.  I found the following article in my search for web hosting first month free and then signed up on Hostgator like the instructions said to and that was it.
Thank you for visiting!

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